Who are We?

David Keeney

The proprietor of the business, a Python programmer in various capacities, including game programming and web programming freelancing.

Send complaints or other comments to me at dkeeney@rdbhost.com, you can call me in the United States at (209) 732-4678 or reach me on LinkedIn.

Kris Sundaram

Freelance programmer, responsible for the rdbhdb DB API module.

He can be reached at: sundram@hotmail.com or on LinkedIn.

Ivan Shakuta (zhukaster)

Freelance programmer, responsible for the Rdbadmin database administration application. This application is modeled on the open-source 'phpMinAdmin', but is completely reimplemented in Javascript, interacting with the database using the RdbHost programming interface, without any special enhancement or privilege.

He can be reached at: tyler.graip@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.

Alex Knaust

Python programmer, responsible for initial Wizard implementation.

He can be reached at: awknaust@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.

Corinne Ducusin

Corinne is the web designer behind the prior major release of the RdbHost web site.

Find her at: Corinspired or on LinkedIn.

Dominic Talbot

Dominic is a freelance developer, responsible with maintaining and improving the look and feel of the RdbHost platform

Find him at: DomTalbot or on LinkedIn.