Paid Beta

The Paid Beta program provides you more usage than the free quota, but costs less than the regular payment schedule.

How it works

Getting into the program costs as little as a dollar; you get a dollar's worth of credit immediately, and each night, your account balance is topped up to match the beta payment. So if you use, say, 10 cents worth of capacity over the free quota in the first day, your account will get the 10 cents replaced at the overnight beta refill. For one dollar, you could get as much as 31 dollars of usage per month.

At the end of the beta-test period, the account gets topped up one last time, and the balance becomes regular credit, to spend down on future usage.

We do not refund any beta payments, so don't over-commit. If you later wish to increase your beta balance, make another payment at the higher level; The top-up process funds to the highest single payment amount, not to a cumulative value.

See also:

The quota limits and usage charges are on the Pricing and Quotas page.