JavaScript in the Browser

Write your database-backed application in client-side JavaScript complete. Our JavaScript module allows your client-side JavaScript to access SQL databases on our server. A white-list system prevents the execution of unauthorized SQL queries, and an automated training process makes populating the white-list easy. >See Video

If you code with the excellent Angular framework, we support that as well, with rdbhost-angular.

Server-side proxies enable your JavaScript application to run Credit Card charges, to send Email, and to use Third Party Logins within your application. There is also a generic proxy for using any arbitrary third-party web-service through

We can host your static pages as well as your databases. The static content is stored as binary objects in a database table, but can be retrieved using natural concise URLs. Your app here runs under your own domain name. We support Google's AJAX indexing system by generating HTML snapshots for dynamic page hosted here. You can also include the initial content data in the static page, using our Inline SQL feature.

An SFTP server allows you upload and download the static content with any SFTP client.

We provide an online database administration tool. See Video.

As a convenience, we host some popular JavaScript libraries here, so all your dependencies might be on one server. These are listed here.

We also provide site search for your site.

Python Anywhere

Code your service in Python, on Google's AppEngine, or on a client workstation, anywhere that is internet connected. Use the DB API 2 module to access your Rdbhost database from your application anywhere. For desktop applications to be published, the white-listing feature can provide database safety, as even compiled Python can be reverse-compiled to extract authenticating data. See Video

The Object-Relational-Mapper SQLObject works with Rdbhost databases, via the DB API module.

The same database can be accessed from Python and JavaScript in the Browser, so Python on GAE or elsewhere can be used for specific services inappropriate for logic in the browser, such as handling inbound email, on a site that is fundamentally a JavaScript application.

We provide an online database administration tool. See Video.


If you wish to implement an API in a language other than JavaScript or Python, read the pages on protocols. JavaScript programmers might read on Binary formats for images or sound files, or on programmatic logins. If AJAX indexing is not important, we have pages on hosting your static content on Github or Assembla. There are downloads for modules and examples. Read a cursory comparison with other services, and documentation on embedded languages PL/pgSQL and PL/V8 for server-side functions. We support access via WebSockets, as well.

A Bulk-data tool streams your complete database to and from your browser, or to and from Amazon S3. This facilitates transferring an existing database into your Rdbhost account. Should your application eventually outgrow our service, the bulk-data service helps you to move your data out.

Rdbhost now supports Webhooks. Now you can use other hosts' webhooks to access your Rdbhost account.

Pricing, and limits on free service, is documented here.

As would any hosting service, we provide reports on usage, and access to query logs.