Error Codes

If a database request fails for any reason, RdbHost tries to display an error page in XML or JSON to tell the client what went wrong. This error page contains a DB API Exception Class name, an error code, and a one-line message.

The error page format is documented on the result-formats page.

The Exception Class name is of minimal value, and we recommend relying on specific error codes.

Server Errors

rdb00 No request POST or GET params were received.
rdb02 Account exceeded usage limit.
rdb03 Query time-limit reached.
rdb04 Account Name not provided in URL.
rdb05 Query parameter (q) not provided.
rdb06 Authcodes not permitted in GET requests.
rdb07 Non-permitted 'returning' clause used in query.
rdb09 Comment or Quote Syntax Error
rdb10 Query submitted with Preauth role not white-listed.
rdb11 Too many failed authentications.
rdb12 Bad database authcode value.
rdb13 query and kw params both provided
rdb14 keyword (tag) not found in whitelist
rdb15 Cannot be logged into two accounts at once.
rdb16 Invalid datatype provided as arg###type arg
rdb17 Invalid argument list (possibly wrong number of args)
rdb18 Bad mode value
rdb19 OpenId/Oauth interface error.
rdb20 Content not found, for query with binary format requested.
rdb21 Unparseable data value provided.
rdb22 Bad content-type provided with binary format request.
rdb23 Bad format value
rdb24 Bad callback value provided.
rdb25 Tag name (keyword) cannot be changed in delete-flagged entry.
rdb26 Bad JSON value
rdb27 Invalid super-authcode provided.
rdb28 Misc database connection error.
rdb30 Bad input to proxy.
rdb31 Login credential update error.
rdb77 Client user authentication error. This error is tracked by RdbHost, and used to throttle authentication attempts for account security.
rdb80 Bad charge code provided to Stripe.
rdb81 ApiKey not provided to third party web service.
rdb96 Bad CSRF token received from web-form.
rdb97 Duplicate cookie value. very rare.
rdbxml Various XML encoding or decoding Errors. Will have error message from XML library.
rdbVE ValueErrors in rdbhost internals.

The following errors are emitted by the Python API module.

RdbHdb Errors

rdbhdb09 Http connection failed.
rdbhdb10 No data available.
rdbhdb11 RdbHost recordset size limit exceeded. Perhaps use an explicit LIMIT.