Deprecated - This page is no longer maintained

Object Relational Mappers (ORMs)

ORMs provide a way to manipulate SQL databases without SQL; The ORM model used Python data structures (classes and instances) to hold the data, and the necessary SQL to store and retrieve the data is generated behind the scenes.


You need to have installed SQLObject and Rdbhdb.

The connect string is like : rdbhost:// . The rolename and authcode are from your profile page, after you create an account here on Creating an engine for SqlObject is done with code like:

role = 's0000000849' authcode = 'abc123~~~~~~~789xyz' sqlhub.processConnection = \ connectionForURI('rdbhost://'+role+':'+authcode+'')

If you wish to run the SqlObject test suite against an RdbHost database, you should also download these test files and place them in the 'tests' folder of your SqlObject installation. They have disabled a few tests that are not expected to pass.