Pricing and Quotas

The RdbHost service is demand-priced. What you pay depends on how much you use. We offer a limited free usage per hour, and charge for usage above that level. Paid usage must be prepaid.

Remember, these are full-fledged SQL databases, not just raw space and bandwidth.

Bandwidth Space
Price $0.50 $1.00
per Gigabyte per Gigabyte-Month
Free Quota 20 50
Megabytes per hour Megabytes

Startup Period

The above quota limits (and, consequently, the charges) are waived entirely for the first two weeks of each account. We want you to be able to upload your existing databases, and handle other transitional tasks, without dealing with any outages. The usage report pages will still tell you what bandwidth you are using, so you can judge future costs.


The bandwidth and request quotas get reset at the top of the hour. When either limit is exceeded by an account, the account is disabled until the end of the hour. Excess diskspace usage is penalized at 5 minutes per Megabyte of overage. If an account is, say, over the disk space quota by 4 MB, the account is disabled for the last 10 minutes of the hour, every hour. The first 10 minutes of the hour will never be disabled for a disk space overage, because you need to be able to connect sometime to fix the problem.

Email notifications are sent, to the email address on record, whenever accounts are temporarily disabled for exceeding quota. We do not send quota related emails more than once every 12 hours per account.

Adding Credit

If you wish to add credit to your account,visit the Add Credit page. We accept payments through

During the beta-test period, we offer a 'paid beta' membership, providing you much more than a dollars worth of usage for each dollar spent.

If you wish to monitor how much usage your account is getting, visit the Usage Report page.