Questions and Answers

What Good Is It?

We enable you to write a modern client-side web application working entirely in your IDE running all code in the browser. No ReST API needed. No ReST Server needed.

More specifically, what does the service do?

  • We provide relational databases as a web service.
  • A key element of the service is a white-listing system, which keeps a whitelist of queries to be run by anonymous users. There is a system for adding entries to the whitelist conveniently during the flow of code development.

How does it work, or how do I use it?

  1. Create an account
  2. Download Boilerplate
  3. As you develop your app, include the features you need, and test.

Can I use RdbHost databases from the browser directly?

Yes, the JavaScript module facilitates accessing RdbHost databases from pages hosted elsewhere.

Are there examples of using RdbHost databases from JavaScript?

Yes, see

Why would I use it, instead of ... (Amazon EC2, my VPS, etc)?

See the Comparisons page for a set of thumbnail comparisons with other services.

Does it support binary data?

  • Yes
  • From JavaScript in the browser, binary data can be uploaded via form file-fields, (see JavaScript API)and downloaded in raw form via the binary format.
  • From python, the DB API module supports 'buffer' values like any value.

Does it scale?

  • Most of the dynamic web is built on relational databases. It seems to work well for many of us.
  • '', the root of 'slashdotting', stores its data in an SQL database.
  • Most sites do not need the scalability of If you start here and are fortunate to grow sufficiently to reach scaling limits, our API is fairly easily replicated elsewhere. There is no lock-in.

Do you support SSL-encrypted content?

Yes, requests can be handled on https, or http. We support your using your own SSL certificate, and can provide you an SSL cert.

Do you support SQL transactions?

Yes, all SQL operations are executed as transactions. See How It Works for details.

What restrictions apply?

Ordinary queries must complete within 8 seconds. The server will abort the query and return an error page at 8 seconds.

For those queries that cannot be tuned to complete in 8 seconds, we offer a deferred request option, where the slow query is queued to run in a background task, and the request returns immediately. The server will, at your option, call a postback page with results when the slow query completes. The time limit for slow queries is 10 minutes.

How do I get my data out? Am I locked in?

There is a bulk transfer utility, that will transfer complete databases, in ascii or other formats, to and from your browser or other client. The utility also provides for transferring databases to and from Amazon S3.

What does it cost?

  • Free for low volumes.
  • Priced by bandwidth and disk usage above the free limits.
  • See Pricing and Quotas page.

How can I pay?

Credit card click here.