SFTP Server

If you choose to host your static content here, in a lookup.files table, you may find the SFTP server makes file management easier.

Connect to our SFTP server using your account email as login id, and the account password. Use the server name 'www.rdbhost.com', and port 22. This server supports password logins and also public key logins. You can, in fact, turn off password logins for SFTP to your account, if you wish.

File attributes can be changed by the SFTP client, but any changes will be reverted at the end of the session. Any empty directories will be removed at the end of the session.

Any file named 'index.html' is stored with the bare path, omitting the 'index.html'. For example, the path '/sub/dir/' can be requested by a client, and the corresponding body delivered. That same body would appear in the SFTP client as having the path '/sub/dir/index.html'. The conversion from '/sub/dir/index.html' to '/sub/dir/' is done by the SFTP server on saving, not by the web server on retrieving.

The Rdbadmin utility can be useful for adding pages to the psuedofiles database, as an alternative to SFTP.