Terms of Service

  1. RdbHost does not make backups available to individual account holders.
  2. We are not responsible for loss of data. If the data is irreplaceable, maintain your own backups.
  3. Each database is private to the account holder, and RdbHost makes no claim to any Intellectual Property rights to that data. We will not use it for any marketing purposes, and we will not share it with third parties.
  4. RdbHost does maintain the right to see database contents, either by eye or by automated process, and may use observations in making database optimization decisions. If you do not wish your data to be seen by RdbHost personnel, you should encrypt and decrypt it offsite.
  5. Usage is assessed over 1-hour intervals. Each account is billed for usage over the hourly free quotas. If billable usage causes a negative balance, the account will be disabled for the remainder of the hour. For an unfunded account, any usage over the limit will result in the account being disabled for the remainder of the hour.
  6. Your account data and database contents are hosted in the USA, subject to USA privacy and disclosure law.
  7. At most one RdbHost database may be used by any one application or website. Multiple applications may share a database, but each can use only that database.
  8. RdbHost databases may not be used in the commission or solicitation of any activity illegal in the USA.
  9. Each database must receive at least 15 requests each week to retain free space and quotas.
  10. RdbHost will enforce time limits of 8 seconds per request for ordinary requests, and 600 seconds for deferrable requests.